Training Expert Group of EuroNanoLab – ENRIS meeting minutes

Jun 19, 2023

Training expert group meeting at ENRIS 2023, Paris May 15, 2023


  • Ausrine Bartasyte (FEMTO-ST Besançon), chair
  • Michal Urbánek (CEITEC Nano Brno)
  • Pierre-François Calmon (LAAS Toulouse)
  • Benjamin Reig (LAAS Toulouse)
  • Vittorio Morandi (CNR-IMM, Bologna)
  • Valdis Korsaks (ISSP Riga)
  • Richard Kolar (CEITEC Nano Brno)
  • Jiri Zita (CEITEC Brno)

The main topic was the creation of EuroNanoLab training platform.

Most of the cleanroom facilities train the new users on the specific fabrication techniques and the related machines. The new users coming to the cleanroom facilities have very different theoretical backgrounds and knowledge level of microtechnology. The engineers already lose a significant part of their time for the basic individual/small group training and the specific theoretical training needs cannot be afforded at this level. To be more efficient, several facilities have started to prepare basic video/online training although this requires huge time investment for the preparation, as well. To ameliorate global overview and theoretical knowledge of microtechnology, France and Italy organize dedicated summer schools.

This motivates the creation of the common training platform at the Euronanolab level. For this purpose, e-learning platform LMS Moodle, hosted by CEITEC, will be launched before the September 2023. This Moodle platform will enable the access of the users with different mails (industry, universities, etc.). The platform will be administrated by Ausrine Bartasyte.  There will be a common database of available teaching material (videos, slideshows, links, quizzes, etc., classified by using the same generic names as in the Euronanolab equipment database), which will be accessible only to one training representative per cleanroom. Only the internal use of the teaching materials will be permitted. To enable specific training organization, a separate training block, not accessible to other facilities, will be created for each cleanroom facility, which will be managed directly by the local training representative. In addition, the local training blocks may contain training material, which is not sheared with remaining Euronanolab community. However, we would like to stress that the contribution to the creation of new sheared teaching supports is expected from each participant.

Several additional actions will be taken to collect additional video lectures for e-learning platform:

  • Organization of expert training schools in collaboration with other Euronanolab expert groups;
  • Organization of monthly Euronanolab online seminars by world-leading scientists on advances of micro- and nano-technology (starting from September 2023).

(This meeting summary was prepared by Ausrine Bartasyte, chair of the Training expert group)

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