Working with Scientific Communities: Understanding the needs of the Quantum Technologies Flagship

Many scientists involved in Quantum Technologies need cleanroom nano-fabrication technology to make their research demonstrators. EuroNanoLab may help them to find cleanrooms that have already developed the technology they are looking for.

The EuroNanoLab consortium comprises presently more than 40 open access academic cleanroom infrastructures for basic research and is extending its perimeter regularly. Together, these cleanrooms are covering a large number of technologies. They offer access to any European scientist, enabling them to find ready-to-use technologies to fulfill their requirements.


Our main Goals are:

  • Increasing the impact of EuroNanoLab on European priorities by strengthening links with scientific communities at European-scale;
  • Try identifying key technology challenges for scientific communities (starting with the QT community);
  • Cluster EuroNanoLab cleanrooms to take up the challenges jointly.
  • Joint workshop with the European Quantum Flagship community
  • Start reviewing & categorizing NF know-how necessary for QT (for each qubit system);
  • Towards identification of the main NF challenges (materials, structuring, interconnections, assembly & packaging, compliance to environmental conditions, etc);

Upcoming Events:

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