Main achievements of EuroNanoLab in 2018 – 2020

Increasing the size of EuroNanoLab consortium (2018-2019)
Agreement for Joint User access conditions (Nov. 2019)
Founding and running international Technical Expert Groups (2018-2019)
Organization of a regular international conference on cleanroom management (2017 & 2019)
Joint actions with the Quantum Technology Flagship program (Oct. 2019)
Management of Nanofabrication know-how. Setting up a GO FAIR implementation network (March 2020)
In 2018 – 2019, the number of EuroNanoLab partner countries has increased from 7 to 14 countries + 1 international organisation.
« Terms & Conditions » for EuroNanoLab user access: a document has been released in Nov. 2019, to describe the common regulations for user access to EuroNanoLab cleanrooms
International experts groups composed of cleanroom technical staff specialized on specific technologies have been created to share experience on cleanroom technology and management, and work on standardization of process data. – An expert group on « Dry etching technologies » has met 4 times since 2018 (in Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic & France). – Another one on « Lithography technologies » has been defined but its first meeting in march 2020 was postponed dure to the COVID19 crisis).
EuroNanoLab is organizing the « European Nanofabrication Research Infrastructure Symposium » (ENRIS) every 2 years in alternance with the US « UGIM » conference. The first edition (ENRIS 2017) was in Norway and the second (ENRIS 2019) was in the Netherlands.
A workshop on « Nanofabrication issues for quantum Technologies » has been organized by EuroNanoLab on Oct. 17th, 2019 as a side workshop of the QT Flagship meeting in Helsinki (see This workshop provided an overview of Nanofabrication technologies under development for QT and will lead to « hite papers » reviewing the perspectives on this topic.
Since EuroNanoLab cleanrooms are aiming at sharing Nanofabrication processes, the standardization and storage of process data with high quality standards has become a key topic for the consortium. Therefore, EuroNanoLab joined the GOFAIR initiative and has built an Implementation Network « GO NANOFAB » on the management of Nanofabrication process data. This GOFAIR implementation network has been approved in March 2020 (

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