Main achievements of EuroNanoLab in 2018 – 2020

CONSORTIUM Increasing the size of EuroNanoLab consortium (2018-2019) In 2018 – 2019, the number of EuroNanoLab partner countries has increased from 7 to 14 countries + 1 international organisation.
SHARING Agreement for Joint User access conditions
 (Nov. 2019) « Terms & Conditions » for EuroNanoLab user access: a document has been released in Nov. 2019, to describe the common regulations for user access to EuroNanoLab cleanrooms.
SHARING Founding and running international Technical Expert Groups 
(2018-2019) International experts groups composed of cleanroom technical staff specialized on specific technologies have been created to share experience on cleanroom technology and management, and work on standardization of process data.
– An expert group on « Dry etching technologies » has met 4 times since 2018 (in Norway, Portugal, Czech Republic & France).
– Another one on « Lithography technologies » has been defined but its first meeting in march 2020 was postponed dure to the COVID19 crisis).

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INTERNATIONAL Organization of a regular international conference on cleanroom management

(2017 & 2019)

EuroNanoLab is organizing the « European Nanofabrication Research Infrastructure Symposium » (ENRIS) every 2 years in alternance with the US « UGIM » conference. The first edition (ENRIS 2017) was in Norway and the second (ENRIS 2019) was in the Netherlands.

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SCIENCE Joint actions with the Quantum Technology Flagship program 
(Oct. 2019) A workshop on « Nanofabrication issues for quantum Technologies » has been organized by EuroNanoLab on Oct. 17th, 2019 as a side workshop of the QT Flagship meeting in Helsinki (see This workshop provided an overview of Nanofabrication technologies under development for QT and will lead to « white papers » reviewing the perspectives on this topic.

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DATA MANAGEMENT Management of Nanofabrication know-how. Setting up a GO FAIR implementation network (March 2020) Since EuroNanoLab cleanrooms are aiming at sharing Nanofabrication processes, the standardization and storage of process data with high quality standards has become a key topic for the consortium.
Therefore, EuroNanoLab joined the GOFAIR initiative and has built an Implementation Network « GO NANOFAB » on the management of Nanofabrication process data. This GOFAIR implementation network has been approved in March 2020 (

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