Planed workflow for EuroNanoLab user access

1. Contact an EuroNanoLab cleanroom (click here)
  • A single access point to contact the whole network.
  • Send a short description of your Nanofabrication request.

2.  Project Feasibility Evaluation

  • Access to experienced nanofabrication experts.
  • Free technical evaluation.
  • Advice to help optimizing the quality of the work and minimize the time-to-result

3.  Fabrication plan quotation and delivery time

  • Proposal of an appropriate nanofabrication workflow.
  • Identification of the appropriate Nanofabrication facilities.
  • Estimation of schedules and costs.

4.  User Access Service

  • Provision of access to cleanrooms for nanofabrication.
  • Provision of training sessions to operate cleanroom machines.
  • Advice provided throughout the project.

5.  Project monitoring:

 reporting, satisfaction, publications

  • Satisfaction survey.
  • User’s meeting for the development of collaborations.

EuroNanoLab Terms & Conditions summary


EuroNanoLab (ENL) provides a Nanofabrication (NF) service for low TRL research. Cleanrooms belonging to ENL:

(1) are open to any kind of External User, from universities or companies
(2) offer the same service for Internal Users or External Users

EuroNanoLab was created to provide a single point of access to the know-how of many European cleanrooms.


ENL will provide the following types of services:

(a) Self Service: unaided independent Access to the Equipment

(b) Technical Assistance: user benefits from the technical assistance of Cleanroom Staff.

(c) Technical advice: user benefits from advice from nanofabrication experts

Cleanroom User Request

If the User has chosen a specific cleanroom, ENL registration & Cleanroom User Request should be done through the contact person of the cleanroom, which will assess the request. If not the request should be be submitted on the ENL website and will be assessed at the ENL level.

User agreement

If the project is technically feasible, ENL will issue a Service Proposal comprising for each involved facility a workflow proposal, an estimation of the project duration and a cost estimation. A user agreement is then established after submission of orders by the user t o the involved ENL cleanrooms (referring to the Service Proposal) and their acceptance through an Order Acknowledgment.

Users obligations

Facility Users can Access to ENL cleanrooms during the Access Period under the terms of the User Agreement. They must have completed ENL trainings or justify appropriate experience on the needed cleanroom equipment. They are responsible for taking care of their samples and should comply to ENL regulations about safety, operating & health procedures, environmental protection, access to information, security, hours of work etc. and should comply to technical supervision by ENL cleanroom staff.

ENL cleanrooms obligations

ENL cleanrooms shall provide appropriate training, as well as specific written and/or practical instructions, which the Facility User shall follow during the Access Period. They should use reasonable endeavors to repair or replace Equipment which becomes defective during the Access Period through no fault of the Facility User(s).

Registration & Booking

Each Cleanroom has a management software comprising a user registration module and a resource booking system, directly accessible by Users, which records their activity and will be used to establish their bill.

Financial provisions

Fees are calculated according to the Involved ENL Cleanrooms invoicing system. It is based on: type of Service, duration of Equipment usage and number of working hours of the allocated Facility Staff if applicable. It may also include additional charges for specific consumables and raw materials.

Intellectual Property

IP produced solely by the User’s Institution will be owned by this Institution. IP produced jointly by the Institution and the Involved ENL Cleanrooms will be jointly owned. Joint IP can bu used by the owners for their own R&D activities, both internally and with third parties, on a non-exclusive and royalty-free basis, without prior consent of the other owner. If the User has benefited from the Facility previous expertise and produces a new Nanofabrication know-how during the work inside the Facility, the property of this new know-how will be left to the Facility, except in case of duly justified reasons. Any commercial exploitation of Joint IP shall require an agreement between the Joint IP owners.


Must include acknowledgment as follows: « This work was carried out in part through the use of [INVOLVED CLEANROOM NAME(S)], in the framework of the EuroNanoLab Distributed Research Infrastructure ». If the Involved ENL Cleanrooms Facility Staff provides significant contribution, they must also be included as co-authors.


Users are solely responsible for securing the confidentiality of their proprietary information. Sharing of User’s Institution confidential information with the Involved ENL Cleanrooms will require a NDA.

User request submission

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